Private Atelier


In the tradition of the 18th and 19th century academic atelier, the curriculum follows an intensive, tiered program covering the process of drawing and painting in progressing levels of complexity.

The methods taught favor classical sensibilities applied to a modern understanding of optics.  Specifically, I will be teaching a process known as ‘form painting’ – a wet-into-wet technique that encourages the artist to conceive of form ‘sculpturally’ as described by a dominant light source.

School Curriculum:

The structure and pace of the curriculum of the atelier is flexible to the needs and capacity of the individual student. He or she may study on a part or full time basis depending on their individual objectives or study only those areas of primary interest. An explanation of these distinctions follows in the last paragraph.

Program Description

Each phase of the program will cover specific topics relative to that phase.

  • Phase I will be an emphasis on establishing an accurate and simple drawing and then expressing volume through subtle transitions of value with the graphite pencil.
  • Phase II will cover the process of paint application utilizing a 9-step scale of values (value string) and a small ‘poster’ that maps the general value relationships.
  • And Finally, Phase III will explore painting utilizing the three dimensions of color space: hue, value and chroma to create a convincing representation of three dimensional form.

Modes of Study

Full Time

The full time student will be given personal studio space in the artist’s studio with access to easels, limited storage and the artist’s still life material and library.   Study will include formal teaching 2-3 days per week with lectures and demonstrations by the artist.

Part Time

The part time student will study on an ‘as-needed’ basis with the artist and will come for a weekly appointed class time to study with the artist.  He or she will have access to a studio easel and the artist’s still life material for the duration of the class.


This is monthly, part-time commitment to study on your schedule for your specific needs. Content will be exercise driven, and you can expect weekly or bi-weekly reviews and feedback via email with visual diagrams, aids and written explanations.